Feeling Faulty

There is such a fine line between hope and hopelessness and many times it was the lack of a pink line on a pregnancy test!

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Social Needia

It can be hard to see that most of the posts on these social media sites are so curated, edited and filtered! We start to compare ourselves, our lives, our bodies, our eyebrows, our wrinkles, our lifestyles, let's be honest our everything with the photos we see. Getting likes and comments on social media posts is almost like getting picked for the A, B or C team or class. We feel inferior and wonder where we went wrong but we didn't and we most definitely are not inferior.

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The Demonisation Of The Dairy Milk

So #cleaneating has become the # dejour and I am one of the many people who use it. BUT I have to admit even I am getting jaded by it all. The one thing that helped me get closer to achieving my fitness goals was not putting negative connotations on food. Trying to get rid [...]

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EmmaPPD Christmas Gift Guide

Do you have someone in your life who cares about their health and fitness? They may be a total gymbunny or a beginner either way here are some gift ideas for them this Christmas.

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Activewear Is Everywhere But Is It All Equal?

You want to feel good in them not uncomfortable and constantly fixing them or catching glimpses of yourself in the mirror with extra flabby bits and obvious vpl.

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Self-Confidence Or The Lack Thereof

When I posted this next image on Facebook, as that was the first place I posted it, I literally was crying and my hands were shaking. I contacted my friends numerous times beforehand getting reassurance about it. I had NEVER put anything like this up before. I posted it as I have heard so many times from people that they cannot get rid of their mummy tummy or they are in their 30's so can't change their body now, I had a c-section, I was in my late 30's and had changed and wanted to let others know that a lot of it for me was getting rid of negativity, being happier in myself. I also wanted people to know that it had not been easy and I am a fitness instructor, it took me 11 months to feel back to normal or even better than before tbh.

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