Q1: What Is A Week In The Life Like For You In Terms Of Healthy Eating And Fitness. Would You Give Us a Quick Run Through Please?

Well I’m sure my week starts the same as everyones, Monday I’m always feeling super motivated probably because I’ll have been out a few times over the weekend. My workouts differ between heavy weights, body weight and HIIT maybe. Each day I pick a focus and alternate it around like this – upper body, lower body, full body, rest, upper body, lower body and rest. I also try to go to one class per week and that’s usually Pilates.

My diet to be honest changes a lot, I don’t believe in macros, I don’t believe in food prepping or eating chicken & broccoli every single night. I eat what I feel like but I always eat natural foods, at least Monday – Friday, real food doesn’t have list of ingredients so I don’t like to eat anything processed.

Q2: Talk Us Through Your Workout Routine In A Typical Week.

I try to workout 4-6 times a week, some weeks I’m full of energy and feeling like a total fitspo and other weeks I literally drag myself there. But as they say you will never regret a workout. I alternate between upper body and lower body each day then one day a week I’ll do full body. I have just started to do more HIIT training which I have a love-hate relationship with. I power through 25 mins on the treadmill 2-3 times per week… I share a lot of my ab routines on Instagram @maeve_madden and I am a huge fan of the swiss ball for training abs and upper body.

Maeve Madden HandstandLower body, Leg and bootie training. 4 sets 8-10 reps.

4 sets of squats on the bar increasing weight each time.

4 sets on Leg press which I am now on 110kg very impressed

4 sets of weighted dead lifts

4 sets Ham string curl super set air squats

4 sets Abductor

4 sets of walking lunges – failure


Q3: Do You Follow Any Particular Diet or Lifestyle? Whats Your Nutritional Plan?

I have a very sensitive tummy so I do tend to be careful with eating certain foods. I try to be gluten and dairy free and I also don’t eat very much red meat, once a month if even. I also try to avoid onions and garlic as these really set my tummy off and I end up looking pregnant. However this can be difficult especially when eating out, that’s why during the week I try to focus on making my own foods. I always start the day with protein – eggs, avocado and tomato is my usual go to, but now with the cold weather coming in Oats and cinnamon with almond milk is a great start to the day.

Q4: Whats Your Thoughts On Cheat Days or Treats?

I don’t like to call it a “cheat day” I don’t think you should ever reward yourself with food as if living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a good thing. I believe in balance and being the best version of yourself, I know from experience that “cheat days” can lead to terrible binges and can be quite negative on the mind. If I want to go out and enjoy myself, have dinner, have a bar of chocolate I will, because I am living a normal lifestyle, I am not a competitive athlete or body builder, which so many of us now believe is leading a normal healthy lifestyle. It is not!! If you eat nutritious natural foods all the time, and work out you will feel positive and happy and mindful, having sugar or cocktails once or twice a week keeps me sane .

Q5: Do You See A Difference In Your Mood When You Dont Workout?Maeve Madden Abs

Yes when I haven’t worked out for a few days, I 100% see a difference, I can see how easy it is to
become so demotivated and sluggish. Working out is part of my daily routine, it’s only 45 – 70 mins of my day, I’d spend more time watching Netflix in the evening so there is really no excuse.

Q6: If You Could Only Have Four Beauty/Cosmetic Treatments What Would They Be?

The way I’m feeling now I want to have everything, traveling for work can be so so tiring, I feel I need a new face and deep tissue massage. I have always wanted to try cupping therapy. A hot wax pedicure, some kinda leg lengthening surgery and a really long nap in a social media free zone.


Q7: Do You Believe In Health and Fitness Being A Holistic Process?

Of course, I believe a healthy positive mind will lead to a healthy body, it is from the inside out.

Q8: What Does Active Living Mean To You?

It means putting on your positive pants and progressing each day. You don’t have to go super fast, or lift the heaviest of weights you just have to go. Strive to be the best version of you and make yourself proud.

Maeve Madden Arm and AbsQ9: How Do You Overcome Negative Thoughts?

I call my mum. Lol. Negative thoughts are something I actually really struggle with. I do suffer from bad anxiety and working out really helps to overcome that. I think exercise is the best form of stress relief. I have had days at the gym where I have literally stood and cried my eyes out but once I got moving the tension and anxiety left. That’s probably one thing people do not know about me, except the poor personal trainers in my gym whom have to deal with my emotional breakdowns.

Q10: Have You Ever Been Given A ReallyGreat Health & Fitness Tip?

Stop pointing fingers and blaming other people that you ain’t where you wanna be, cowards do that!! You are not a coward, you are a champion.

Q11: Whats The Best Health & Fitness Tip You Can Give?

You can quit at any moment, but there is no reason to stop, even if you see no progress, keep going if it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you, sacrifice what you are and just believe in who you can become.

Q12: Who Or What Inspires You?

To be the best version of myself and make not only myself proud but my family too. Weakness will not be in my heart. Not one specific person, but many people inspire me and motivate me every day. I love to see other peoples positive changes on social media and hearing their success stories on snapchat. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conor McGregor, Michael Flatley, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence are a few people whom I like to read about or listen to. Hard working champions.

Q13: Most People Probably Dont Know This About Me, But

I’m on Netflix lol in the new series The Crown. It’s just a small role in one episode but I really love acting. I actually wanted to do acting more than modelling and fitness so I am excited to continue to pursue it and see what happens.

Q14: Guilty Pleasure?Maeve Madden Side Plank

Anything sugary, I have the most insane sweet tooth, I would literally tear the house apart if I knew somewhere there was something sweet. I can’t even have nut butters or bananas in the house. On the weekends I would indulge in Revels, Lindt balls, cake & Espresso Martinis…

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