One comment I often hear is ‘Pilates is just for girls’ another one is ‘Sure isn’t it just stretching and breathing’ both of these comments make me laugh but also frustrate me as if men realised the huge benefits Pilates can have for them I think many, many more would be doing it. Particularly our type of SPX Pilates which is more intensive and resistance/strength training based than traditional Pilates. It is also slightly based on the fact that Pilates is so adaptable it can be made easier if needed and can also be extremely hard.

A perfect example of how amazing Pilates is for men is one of our Instructors. He is an ex Rugby Pro who still plays Rugby competitively, when he first came for an interview he did have a somewhat blase attitude about Pilates, he toed the male party line of it being stretching and breathing. So for me the most important thing before we went any further was for him to try a class. He came that night within 10 minutes he was sweating, shaking, basically struggling as 99% of new people are. After the class he openly admitted he did not give it one tenth the credit it deserved and he loved it. He started his training and within a few months he has lost 5kg but built core strength, benched the heaviest he ever had in the gym (now in his early 30’s) and had an injury free season. Pretty brilliant results for something that is often thought of as just for girls!!

Every single man we have had in the studio has been somewhat shocked at how difficult the class is, this includes many Personal Trainers, Professional Footballers and Rugby players, Marathon runners and other Pilates Instructors. As one Pilates Instructor said to me the class they teach is remedial compared to ours.

Here are some of the many benefits of Pilates for men –

  • Developing Core Strength – Pilates works your deeper abdominal muscles such astransversus abdominis, these muscles are often overlooked by men and whilst they may have a ‘six pack’ their core strength can be pretty weak. 
  • Pilates Works Small, Intrinsic Muscles – Muscles that are hard to work at the gym or doing other exercise and when they are worked properly make all your other exercise much more effective.
  • Helps Combat Back Pain – By working on your core strength.
  • Helps Prevent Injury – By increasing flexibility and core strength you can help yourself prevent injuries a lot better.
  • It Makes You Better At Playing Most Sports – Rugby, Soccer, GAA, Golf & Tennis you will play all of these sports better after you take up Pilates.
  • Pilates is one of the few forms of exercises you can do every day, and instead of breaking down your body, you continue to progress in strength and flexibility.
  • A Better Sex Life – This is widely attributed to the many benefits of Pilates.
  • Less Body (Belly Fat) – Because men tend to store fat around their stomach area it can cause a a greater risk for heart attacks and strokes. As Pilates works your tummy/core so much it can help combat this.

So come and join the ranks of many Elite Athletes and Sportspeople who have realised the massive benefits to them of doing Pilates, including most Premiership Footballers, Pro Rugby Players, Tennis Players, Racing Drivers and the list goes on.

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