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Feeling Faulty

There is such a fine line between hope and hopelessness and many times it was the lack of a pink line on a pregnancy test!

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Lift & Lengthen – Members Only

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Inner Thighs, Bums, Legs & Core – Members Only

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Social Needia

It can be hard to see that most of the posts on these social media sites are so curated, edited and filtered! We start to compare ourselves, our lives, our bodies, our eyebrows, our wrinkles, our lifestyles, let's be honest our everything with the photos we see. Getting likes and comments on social media posts is almost like getting picked for the A, B or C team or class. We feel inferior and wonder where we went wrong but we didn't and we most definitely are not inferior.

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I personally believe that exercise should be fun and enjoyable. For most people if it feels like a chore and you are pushing yourself to do it you will not challenge yourself enough and you may even give up. But if you are enjoying what you are doing there is far more chance you will stick with it and see massive benefits.

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5 Facts About Pilates

Fact 1: Pilates Changes Your Body Composition Pilates exercises can achieve changes in your body composition. Not all exercise regimes can change your body composition which put basically is changing your muscle to fat ratio in your body. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat, changes your shape and helps your body work much more [...]

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The Demonisation Of The Dairy Milk

So #cleaneating has become the # dejour and I am one of the many people who use it. BUT I have to admit even I am getting jaded by it all. The one thing that helped me get closer to achieving my fitness goals was not putting negative connotations on food. Trying to get rid [...]

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EmmaPPD Christmas Gift Guide

Do you have someone in your life who cares about their health and fitness? They may be a total gymbunny or a beginner either way here are some gift ideas for them this Christmas.

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Q&A With Leanne Moore – PT, Panto Queen & Absolute Sweetheart

Oh it would have to be the above. I really do like to install in people that fitness and food should be a very good part of your life and not something you have to fight towards. Start with small changes to an unhealthy lifestyle and keep building on those. We all go backwards at times too. I am not "on track" 100% of the time. Its always a work in progress.

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Q&A With Maeve Madden – PT, Model, Actress and Massive Fitspo

Q12: Who Or What Inspires You? To be the best version of myself and make not only myself proud but my family too. Weakness will not be in my heart. Not one specific person, but many people inspire me and motivate me every day. I love to see other peoples positive changes on social media and hearing their success stories on snapchat.

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