Dublins Premier Proformer Pilates Studio

An ultimate workout – it combines strength, core, endurance, cardio, flexibility & balance all in one session. This full body workout is done with the assistance & resistance of weighted springs, thus requiring constant engagement of the core for the whole class. Our proformer machine & LaGree based workout system are completely unique In Ireland. No one else has our machines or can offer our highly effective, intensive & exclusive workout system. It is unlike any other workout in Ireland. It’s fun, intense, unique & full body conditioning.

PPD offers both our exclusive Proformer & innovative Mash Up classes.

Our Mash Up Classes are made up of both the PPD method of exercises on the Proformer machine, which are based on the LaGree method & floor exercises which can be a combination of many fitness types not just Pilates.



Available During Covid-19 Closure

Our online classes are taught by Pilates Plus Dublin founder Emma Forsyth who is the only instructor in Ireland to have trained in LA under the LaGree Method founder Sebastien LaGree.

The completely exclusive and unique PPD Method classes are based on the LaGree Method but have been designed by Emma to offer a dynamic, fun, intensive and exclus